Web Design

I have worked in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript creating web pages with the user experience in mind. I am proficient in web graphic design; interface design; and user experience design.

Content management and information organization are my focus for all my web design efforts. Client websites need to have a logical navigation structure and the content needs to be easily accessible.

Resposive design is at the forefront while developing to create sites that will display beautifully on different devices and in the many different browsers as well.

I develop and test with multiple browsers and operating systems to ensure the best compatibility possible.

Most of the time, the content comes directly from the client; but I have written copy and shot photos and video for incorporation into client sites.

I have experience color correcting and editing photos or video for maximum impact.

I have developed a few sites using WordPress, a powerful and user-friendly content management system. WordPress allows the client to edit the content on their site without having to hire a web guy to post news, events, media, etc.