In my last position as a Lead Developer and Technical Artist, I was fortunate enough to work with the latest 3D interactive technology. This technology is the nGRAIN 3D Content Development Suite. My employer was a preferred partner in the U.S. for developing nGRAIN products.

I served as the liaison between the Program Managers and Instructional Designers at nGRAIN and the members of my production team. Through this partnership, I also traveled to Canada and was trained by nGRAIN on techniques to ensure delivery of outstanding products that met nGRAIN's high quality standards.

Reference gathering trips to client locations were a major part of the production process. My team and I interacted directly with subject matter experts to shoot photos and video of the equipment we would be modeling.

There is a logical structured process for gathering this information. This includes taking 360 degree photos of each part, shooting video of operational procedures, and at times, getting hands on experience with the equipment.

One of the larger models, the Honda 225 outboard engine, contained over 350 unique parts. Reference organization is paramount for a model of this size.

This interactive model was developed for the United States Coast Guard to demonstrate maintenance techniques of the Honda 225 engine for new graduates of the mechanics school.

During development, I was responsible for providing a weekly status, ensuring adherance to production processes, and implementing quality control. I constanly communicated with both partners to ensure timely delivery of products.

nGRAIN Producer is a timeline based application for creating procedural animations, intereactive tasks, and tests.

Animations need to convey necessary instructional information using the most effective camera angles, zoom, and visual framing of parts.

As nGRAIN production lead, my clients included; Microsoft, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the United States Coast Guard, and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.